Interior Work

There are many different ways to change the look and feel of a room. Colours and patterns of wallpaper are very much a personal taste. John Green Decor can offer any help or guidance during this difficult decision making process.

Our decorating work is 90% dust free because we use the latest mechanical sanders fitted to dust extractors.

Here are a few before & after shots to show you how we helped a home owner achieve their vision.


Interior Page 8Interior Page 9 (1)








Two coats of base coat, then colour washed using two different colours washed over with white. Two coats of varnish on walls used to seal the surface to make it wipeable.


Interior work 1Interior work 2








Diamond Matt was used on the walls. On the spindles and staircase, two coats of primer, one coat of undercoat and one coat of gloss.


Interior work 3Interior Work 4